Wideband lambda systems

Wideband lambda sensor
A wideband lamda sensor is an essential tool in your tuning arsenal.  Whether you want to run your ECU in closed loop mode for economy reasons, just want an additional diagnostic tool or perhaps you want to tune your engine from scratch a wideband system

The 3B1 wideband system is our premium wideband system for single-wideband installations. 

At last, a twin input wideband system. 

The LX1 will work with all our Techedge controllers and, as it's field re-programmable, can be upgraded and enhanced in the future.


Genuine Bosch 5-wire wideband lambda sensor.  The LSU4.2 sensor is fully interchangeable with "7057" sensors.


Stainless steel lambda sensor boss and bung.  Standard M18 thread for use with most sensors.

USB-serial adaptor for computers lacking a serial port.