Traction Control wheels

Our traction control wheels can be used in a number of different scenarios.  Use them for speed sensing, traction control or even ABS.  We have wheels to suit fitment to CV joints, driveshafts or propshafts and now to suit fitment to brake disks.


Universal Traction-Control wheel

Our new range of universal traction control wheels come in a wide range of sizes, each featuring slotted holes for maximum flexibility of installation.  Use them on CV joints, gearbox/transaxle output shafts or propshafts.

Ford CV joint trigger wheel


12-tooth trigger wheels for fitting to the CV joints fitted to the Ford Sierra driveshafts fitted to many vehicles.  Use a pair for traction control purposes or you can also use them singly for speed sensing.    Accepts bolts on a PCD between 86 and 92mm PCD and has an overall diameter of 120mm  this wheel can be used on many other CV joints besides Ford.

Brake disk trigger wheel


Specifically designed for use for traction control on the Ultima GTR ( this wheel can be used for traction control, speed sensing or even ABS and can be used on any brake disk featuring a PCD of 12x203mm such as the AP racing CP3580.