Megasquirt/Microsquirt ECU

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  • Description

The Microsquirt is the latest addition to the popular Megasquirt family.  Controlling both ignition and injection in an extremely compact form factor it is a very capable system at a very attractive price point.  The Microsquirt is a great match for 4-cylinder engines and can also run V6, V8 and other engines too.   We now stock the latest Microsquirt V3 system.

  • Two ignition outputs suitable for:
    • EDIS based ignition for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines
    • Control of distributor driven spark on all engine types using off-board ignition module
    • Wasted spark ignition on 4-cylinder engines using off-board ignitors.
  • Two injection channels for either one low impedance fuel injector per channel or up to four high impedance injectors per channel
  • Coolant and air temperature sensor inputs
  • Oxygen sensor input
  • MAP sensor input
  • Throttle sensor input
  • Engine speed input
  • Fuel pump and Fast idle (IACV) valve outputs
  • Tacho output
  • Boost control
  • CANbus
  • Soft and Hard-cut rev limiter
  • Sealed case, little larger than a pack of cards
  • 35 pin ampseal connector and loom

If required we can also supply sets of high impedence fuel injectors and matching "mini timer" style connectors.