Twist-lock military-spec panel-mount connectors

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These military-spec connectors are ideal for through-bulkhead use.  For example: If you want to install an ECU inside the cockpit but don't want to thread a bundle of wires through a hole in your bulkhead just add one of these connectors to give you the ability to quickly disconnect things.  They are also great if you need the ability to remove engine and wiring as a single unit with minimum of fuss.

The connectors feature key-ways to ensure that you can't plug them incorrectly.  Once you have twisted the surround to lock the two halves together there is no chance of them working loose on their own.  To release simply twist and pull.  The price includes both the male and female halves of the connector.

3-pins 25 Amps per pin 
4-pins 25 Amps per pin
5-pins 25 Amps per pin
7-pins 10 Amps per pin
10-pins 4 pins @ 10 Amps each, 6 pins @ 5 Amps each
14-pins 5 Amps per pin
19-pins 4 pins @ 10 Amps each, 15 pins @ 5 Amps each
36-pins 4 pins @10 Amps each, 32 pins @5 Amps each
50-pins 4 pins @10 Amps each, 46 pins @5 Amps each
65-pins 5 Amps per pin