Sensors and connectors


MAP Sensor

Shown is 3 bar map version with optional 3-pin connector.

Throttle sensor

Premium version throttle sensor

 New TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

We now stock two TPS versions.  The low cost version mates with a 3-pin mini timer and you can purchase with or without the mating connector.  The premium version has flying leads for direct integration into your loom.  Pictured is the premium version

Crank/Camshaft sensor

 New crank sensor suitable for all our trigger wheels. Also suitable for use with our traction control wheels.  Includes new connector.

Coilpack connector for 4-post coils

 New coilpack connector, includes pins and seals.  Suits 1st and 2nd gen coilpacks.

Additional pins for coilpack connector

Set of three additional pins and seals for our 4-cylinder coilpack connectors.

6-cylinder coilpack connector

Complete new coilpack connector with pre-wired tails

Mini-timer connectors

These mini timer connectors are suitable for use anywhere that you need a mini timer connector. 

2-pin connectors are commonly used for crank sensors, temperature sensors, fuel injectors. 

3-pin connectors are often used for MAP and throttle sensors, they are also sometimes used on coil packs.

4-pin connectors are sometimes used on coil packs and on ignition modules.

5 and 7-pin connectors are used by our ignition modules.


Fuel injector connector kit

Set of mini timer connectors suitable for the majority of fuel injectors.

Male 2 pin mini timer connector

2-pin Male junior power timer aka mini timer connector. If you are looking for a connector for a VR sensor, temperature sensor of for your fuel injectors then this almost certainly isn't what you want - you will need our standard range of Female connectors that you'll find listed on this page.

Twist-lock military-spec panel-mount connectors


These military-spec connectors are ideal for through-bulkhead use.  For example: If you want to install an ECU inside the cockpit but don't want to thread a bundle of wires through a hole in your bulkhead just add one of these connectors to give you the ability to quickly disconnect things.  They are also great if you need the ability to remove engine and wiring as a single unit with minimum of fuss.

The connectors feature key-ways to ensure that you can't plug them incorrectly.  Once you have twisted the surround to lock the two halves together there is no chance of them working loose on their own.  To release simply twist and pull.  The price includes both the male and female halves of the connector.

3-pins 25 Amps per pin 
4-pins 25 Amps per pin
5-pins 25 Amps per pin
7-pins 10 Amps per pin
10-pins 4 pins @ 10 Amps each, 6 pins @ 5 Amps each
14-pins 5 Amps per pin
19-pins 4 pins @ 10 Amps each, 15 pins @ 5 Amps each
36-pins 4 pins @10 Amps each, 32 pins @5 Amps each
50-pins 4 pins @10 Amps each, 46 pins @5 Amps each
65-pins 5 Amps per pin

Spare backshell for military-spec panel-mount connectors

Suits 3-14pin connectors only

New EDIS module connector


We have managed to obtain limited stocks of new connectors for EDIS modules.  The connectors are supplied complete with pre-wired loom pigtails.  Please note that the EDIS-4 and EDIS-6 connectors do not feature keyways so please ensure that you have them correctly oriented when connecting them.

The EDIS-8 connectors can also be used on the older red ESC/2 ignition modules.

Spark plug conversion kit

Converter for 1st gen style coilpacks

Convert your existing spark plug leads to suit Ford 1st and 2nd gen coil packs.  Ideal for EDIS ignition conversions.  Whilst designed for 7-8mm leads, other sizes can be used with varying degrees of success. 

Included in the 1st gen kit is the rubber boot, retaining clip and brass terminal whilst the 2nd gen kit has the rubber boot, terminal and centering cup.  Pictured is the 1st gen style. 

Please note these are priced individually.  So if you have an eight-cylinder engine you will need to order 8 of them.