Megajolt ECUs for Mercedes engines

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Complete Megajolt bundle for Mercedes M102 engines

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Bundle contains:
  • Megajolt ECU
  • New coil pack and connector
  • New crank sensor and connector
  • Refurbished EDIS Ignition module
  • Universal crank sensor bracket
  • Coil pack bracket
  • Loom kit
  • Univeral 36-1 trigger wheel
  • Set of 8mm silicone spark plug leads (except "Cosworth" which instead includes spark plug lead adaptors)
  • Complete with software and mapping cable to allow you to tune the system and maps for a wide range of engines

USB-serial adaptors

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USB-serial adaptor for computers lacking a serial port.

Many new laptops and PCs do not come with a serial port.  These adaptors plug into a USB socket and allow you to connect up to your ECU. 

Many cheaper adaptors give problems, these adaptors use a premium chipset and tested to work with Megajolt, Megasquirt and Emerald ECUs.

Hard cut rev limiter

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Hard cut rev limiter board for Megajolt systems
The Megajolt ECU includes an ignition retard rev limiter as standard.  The hard cut module works with the existing soft rev-limit and fits inside the ECU case.  When installed the soft-limit of the ECU automatically retards ignition timing to zero degrees 100 RPM before the hard limit activation point. This makes for a progressive application as you reach the rev limit.

Tacho Driver

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Tacho driver module for coil-driven rev counters
Suitable for Megasquirt, Megajolt and many other ECUs the tacho driver allows you to retain your existing coil driven rev counter.  If you have a more modern rev counter accepts the 5 volt output of most ECUs then you do not need one of these.


Individual coil per cylinder

2-input tacho driver

4-cylinder engines

2-cylinder engines

3-input tacho driver

6-cylinder engines

3-cylinder engines

4-input tacho driver

8-cylinder engines

4-cylinder engines


 Please note that some rev counters can be particularly difficult and may require additional tweaks to work correctly.