Shift-X sequential shiftlight

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  • Description

The Shift-X Sequential Shift Light is a 3-stage linear shift-light module for integration into your own dash project.  If you're using it with our RaceCapture/Pro datalogger you can configure it for any use you like - overheating warning, oil pressure alarm, monitor your drift angle.  

LED configuration

  • 6 green LEDs comprise the outer segments, wired together
  • 6 yellow LEDs comprise the middle segments, wired together
  • 2 red LEDs are in the centre, wired together

Physical Features

  • All surface mount construction for ruggedness and a smooth bottom, ideal for mounting with double stick foam tape.
  • 4.2" x 0.5" display made up of 14 LEDs in a 3 stage array

Electrical Connections

  • +5v common power
  • Can use +12V feed using a 510-820 Ohm 1/2 watt current limiting resistor (not supplied)
  • 3 triggers to activate each colour segment