EDIS modules

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It has come to our attention there are some ill-founded rumours circulating that EDIS modules are impossible to find and are "running out".  There's an element of truth to the rumour in that if you go to your local scrapyard you'll find fewer modules there than you would have done a few years ago so if that is where you want to source your module from then yes they are less plentiful than once they were.

We source our modules from a number of global suppliers through which we have long term, secure sources.  Only today we took delivery of more than 100 EDIS modules to add to our stocks.  At any given time we generally have 200-300 modules in stock and similar quantities lined up with our suppliers which they can ship to us at the drop of a hat.

From our point of view the supply of EDIS modules has never been healthier, with ready supplies secure for many years to come.

If you need a module, be that EDIS-4, EDIS-6 or EDIS-8 we are always happy to supply them whether you need just the module, an a full EDIS kit or a complete Megajolt/Megasquirt/Microsquirt package.