Red/Green Cluster LED

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26mm cluster lamp with 14 super-bright LEDs - 6 red and 8 green.  Suitable for a range of uses this cluster is most commonly used as a shift light or oil pressure warning lamp.

When used with an ECU that has programmable outputs (such as our Megajolt ignition system) this can be used as a low-cost sequential shift light.  For example if your rev limit is 6500rpm you might do the following:

  • Under 5000rpm all programmable outputs off
  • Between 5000 and 5500rpm user output 1 is on to turn on green LEDs
  • Between 5500 and 6000rpm user output 2 is on to turn on red LEDs
  • Above 6000rpm output 3 is on and turns on both red and green LEDs

Wiring information:

  • White wire 12 volt positive power source
  • Green wire - Switch to ground via 100 ohm resistor to turn on green LEDs
  • Red wire - Switch to ground via 130 ohm resistor to turn on red LEDs