EDIS kits

EDIS kits
Edis kits are used by some engine management systems to control the ignition.  Amongst the ECUs that use these kits are Megajolt Light, Megasquirt/Microsquirt and VEMS.

Our EDIS kits for 4 and 8 cylinder engines are now available with a choice of coil packs.  The 2nd generation coil packs differ from the earlier units in that they are slightly smaller and lighter and the HT leads connect to "pin in tower" connectors rather than the locking receptacles of the 1st generation units.  Please note that our spark plug leads are only suitable for use with the 1st generation coil packs but that we can supply spark plug adaptors so that you can use your existing leads with either 1st or 2nd gen coil packs.

Where used components are supplied they are cleaned and checked prior to dispatch. 

EDIS-8 package.  1st gen coilpacks shown