Plug and play wiring looms

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Plug and play wiring looms make your Megajolt installation a breeze.  

Our looms now feature braided sheathing for that neat, flexible and durable "factory" look.   If you've got a small bulkhead connector to thread the loom through you'll love that we leave the ECU connector off to give to allow you to get the loom through the hole in the bulkhead.  Once through it takes seconds to push the pre-terminated pins into the connector and you're ready to go.

We currently stock two loom styles "A-series style" and "Zetec/Escort style".  These looms are suitable for a wide range of engines, not just the A-series and Zetec - we just call them by that as the cable lengths were designed with the Mini/A-series (MAP sensor) and Mk2 Escort/Zetec respectively in mind.  The "Zetec-style" loom includes wiring for use with either TPS or MAP sensor.