VVT control

The Ford zetec engine is a favourite for engine conversions, classics, kit-cars and track cars.  The ST170 version in particular delivers good power, is cost-effective, reliable and has great tuning potential.  Engines such as the ST170 running variable cam timing are now becoming the norm and until now controlling the cam has been a problem.
Most people simply run their cams using the most cam turned to the most extreme profile at all times or have installed a simple switch on the dashboard to change between "mild" and "sporty" profiles.  Unfortunately running the cam fully advanced in this way does not give the optimum results.  To date the only other option has been running an expensive "VVT-delete" cams which are not only expensive but lose all the benefits of variable cam timing.
The VVTpro solves the "VVT problem" and offers full 3D control over the cam advancement which delivers substantial improvements over a fully advanced cam profile.  In back to back dyno test on a standard ST170 the VVTpro has delivered an improvement of 20-25BHP at the upper end of the rev range and approx 10BHP improvement from 3500RPM upwards.  This sort of improvement to both midrange "punch" and top end power is immediately noticeable when you drive.