Installing a new engine management system on your car bike or truck? Need a toothed trigger wheel for your installation?  Here at we have crank trigger wheels, sensors, wiring and lots of other parts to make the installation of your engine management system as painless as possible.   We have been supplying trigger wheels for a number of years now and you can see some of our customers installations in our customers gallery.


RaceCapture/Pro Mk2 now available

RaceCapture/Pro GPS data logger and telemetry system

Up to 50Hz GPS... Accelerometers... Yaw sensor... Configurable Input/Outputs... Wireless telemetry... Fully programmable... Onboard scripting language... Open source software... Bluetooth and Cellular telemetry options... CANbus support... Amazing value for money...

VVTpro now available

The VVTpro controller for ST170 is now available to order.  Check out the VVTpro product page for more information.

New product: Ready made looms for A-series Megajolt installations

If you're not so confident with wiring and you want to convert your Mini (or other A-series equipped vehicle) with a Megajolt you'll love our ready made looms.  Right now they are only available for Megajolt ECUs on A-series engines running MAP sensor ECUs but we hope to be able to offer looms for other installations soon.  You can specify the looms as an option when purchasing our A-series Megajolt packages.

Spark plug conversion kits

Convert your existing plug leads to work with EDIS style coil packs.  Now available for both 1st and 2nd gen coilpacks.  Suitable for 7-8mm diameter plug leads.

EDIS modules

It has come to our attention there are some ill-founded rumours circulating that EDIS modules are impossible to find and are "running out".  There's an element of truth to the rumour in that if you go to your local scrapyard you'll find fewer modules there than you would have done a few years ago so if that is where you want to source your module from then yes they are less plentiful than once they were.

We source our modules from a number of global suppliers through which we have long term, secure sources.  Only today we took delivery of more than 100 EDIS modules to add to our stocks.  At any given time we generally have 200-300 modules in stock and similar quantities lined up with our suppliers which they can ship to us at the drop of a hat.

From our point of view the supply of EDIS modules has never been healthier, with ready supplies secure for many years to come.

If you need a module, be that EDIS-4, EDIS-6 or EDIS-8 we are always happy to supply them whether you need just the module, an a full EDIS kit or a complete Megajolt/Megasquirt/Microsquirt package.

New product: Fuel injector bungs

These injector bungs are ideal for converting an existing inlet manifold to fuel injector.  Simply drill your manifold and fit these in the holes.  Available in both alloy and steel versions.

EDIS-module connectors

Replacement connectors for EDIS modules is one of the things we get asked about most frequently and whilst we've always been able to get EDIS-8 connectors sadly until now it has been impossible for to obtain them for the EDIS-4 and EDIS-6 modules.  We are very pleased to announce that we've been able to secure a supply of those connectors - they're not cheap but they are at least available if you need them.

Larger fuel injectors

In addition to our 250 and 350cc/minute injectors we now stock larger 440 and 575cc/minute sizes. Ideal for higher-powered forced induction engines.

Megajolt fitting feature in PPC

In the September issue of Practical Performance Car they cover fitting the Megajolt ignition system. Pick up your copy to read all about it

New product: distributor blanking plugs

If you've converted to a distributor-less ignition system you probably don't want your old dizzy left on your engine. These blanking plugs allow you to remove the dizzy and plug the hole in the block they leave behind. Designed for the A-series and A+ series engines these aluminium distributor blanking plugs come complete with O-ring ensuring a tight seal.

Megasquirt/Microsquirt fitting feature in PPC

In the August issue of Practical Performance Car they cover the Megasquirt/Microsquirt engine management systems.  Pick up your copy to read all about it.

New product: Fuel rail stock

Whether you're converting an older engine to fuel injection, replacing the factory injection system or installing bike throttle bodies you need to get fuel to your injectors.  With this fuel rail stock you can add the injectors at whatever spacing you require for your application.

Shift-i sequential shiftlight


A while back we bought one of these shiftlights to fit to our own car.  After they saw it all our friends wanted them and asked us to import some for them too.  Then their friends saw the and wanted them too.  So now we're a UK dealer for the Shift-I shiftlight

With only 3 wires to connect (power, ground and tacho) and a pair of buttons on the front panel to set the shift points a sequential shiftlight doesn't get any easier to install than this. 


Multi-way military-spec panel mount connectors


Super pricing on our new 5, 7 and 14-way military spec twist-to-lock connectors.  Look at our "Sensors and connectors" page for more information.  STOP PRESS... We now have 3, 4, 10, 19 and 50-pin versions in stock with 36 and 65-pin version available soon.


Porsche 928 conversion featured in Practical Performance Car

Kevin Leaper of PPC magazine is converting his Porsche 928 race car to Megajolt ignition.  Read the magazine for more details

Mission Everest

Parajet Mission Everest

Bear Grylls and Gilo Cardozo used our trigger wheels on their expedition to become the first ever powered paragliders to fly over Mount Everest.  We think this is both the highest and the most unusual installation of our products, unless you know otherwise.  If you have anything that you may think be the highest, lowest, fastest, slowest, biggest or smallest please tell us.

You can see more of this amazing expedition in a 1 hour Channel4/Discovery channel documentary.