Installing a new engine management system on your car bike or truck? Need a toothed trigger wheel for your installation?  Here at we have crank trigger wheels, sensors, wiring and lots of other parts to make the installation of your engine management system as painless as possible.   We have been supplying trigger wheels for a number of years now and you can see some of our customers installations in our customers gallery.


Coronavirus: status update

Government advice continues to be that we should be reducing our social contact where possible.  This means that we continue to ship at reduced frequency of twice per week.  We hope that all of our customers understand the importance of these measures at present.

If you are ordering internationally we advise you choose our airmail service where possible.  International courier services are not all operating and pricing for this is changing on a daily basis which means our courier service pricing may be inaccurate.  If you do choose an international courier service we will obtain an up to date shipping cost and confirm any additional costs with you and you will have the option to cancel your order if you wish.

We continue to review the situation and as it continues to evolve we will update this page.

The Megajolt/E MK2 has now been announced.  Building on the great Megajolt/E platform the MK2 adds a Hard-cut rev limiter, USB connectivity, new status LEDs whilst retaining plug in compatibility with the original Megajolt/E.  In stock to order now.

Bargain basement crank sensor brackets.

Due to a manufacturing error we have a number of crank sensor brackets available at a bargain price!

New Product - CoilX RPM interface


If your data logger or dash needs a 5V pulse RPM signal then Coil-X is what you need.

Parajet Mission Everest